What is Marketing in reality?

Mag. (FH) Joachim Hohenwarter, the head of the PR & Communication department and company spokesman of Treibacher Industrie AG gave a presentation for the students of the 2E Industrie-HAK on “Marketing in General and the Marketing Strategies of the Treibacher Company”. 

Mag. (FH) Hohenwarter discussed the following topics:

  • What is marketing in general?
  • 4 or 7 P`s (product, price, place, promotion, processes, physical evidence, personnel)
  • What is marketing in reality?
  • Marketing @ Treibacher
  • Market-oriented corporate management

It was very interesting to be informed that there is no real marketing department at the Treibacher Industrie AG. Moreover, in the center of the marketing activities of Treibacher are the 5 P`s (product, price, place, promotion, processes). In many industrial companies there is a change in the marketing field, i.e. the process is getting more and more important.

Thank you Mag. (FH) Hohenwarter for the interesting and exciting presentation.

Mag. Uta Palle